Build a Children’s Home in eMalahleni

Emalahleni is a town 100km outside of Johannesburg, South Africa.  The Socio-Economic status combined with the aids epidemic has left South Africa with an orphan crisis of more than 5 million children.

Currently the town has various places of safety for children who were removed from their homes or abandoned.  Places of Safety generally house the children for a period of 6 months and then they are relocated to more permanent Children’s Homes (otherwise referred to as orphanages).

A team of passionate people teamed up to build a children’s home in the centre of town.  Property was donated by a local church & the planning / construction phase started.  A team of building environment professionals teamed up & designed a set of 5 beautiful & modern container homes that will home 40 children.

Various individuals & companies have already contributed toward the building fund but a lot is still needed to build this family home.

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