Back to School

When you hear the words ‘Back to school’ your thoughts might go to the excitement of the first day of school & catching up with friends that you haven’t seen for a while.  If you’re a parent, thoughts of endless stationery lists,  uniform shopping & wrapping of books that you’re sure couldn’t possibly all be used in a space of one year!

But the first week of school has already come & gone!  Children are in their new grades, getting used to writing 2019 & already preparing for their sports days.

This year {2019} wasn’t as much a case of ‘Back to School’ for the Children’s Home staff as it was a new beginning.  It feels a little like we’re in 1st grade.  We have a sense of expectation!  We’re learning how to do this & we hope to do it well & get a good report at the end of the year.  We’re looking forward to our first sports days with the kids, our first choir evenings & the concerts at the end of the year.  [And we’re secretly wondering how we’re gonna do this for 40 children] {pray for us!}.   It was our first year of ensuring that not only our own children, but also the children who live in our care are enrolled, have uniforms, stationery and that they’re emotionally ready for this roller coaster ride called school ahead of them.

And it makes me so happy to say we have CHAMPION kids!  They have that innocence that only a little child can have, joyfully expecting each day to bring only happiness & fun.  They’re up early in the morning, ready to make new friends, learn new things & conquer the day.  They had every reason to be anxious – new home, new school, no friends but they went ahead & seized their new opportunity.  They’ve made friends, love their new teachers & can’t wait for homework!

They also had their first sports day where the important lesson of not being able to ALWAYS be the winner but always have a winning attitude was learnt.   Ultimately it was still a win for them.  It was the first time they could take part, the first time they had a parent stand next to the field & cheer for them and whether they won or not, they tried their best & had fun.

When I look at these kids I often wonder if they’ll ever know just how much they’ve given us.  Sure, we worked hard & sacrificed to build a home where they can live.  But they’ve given me so much more!  They’ve taught me (amongst other things) to really appreciate each moment.  To REALLY appreciate!  Somehow, when we see the world through their eyes we learn what’s really important.  My kids learnt to be thankful for their stationery by seeing how excited they were to receive pencils & colouring books.  I learnt to thank God all over again for having my children from such a young age (Do you know how hard it is to teach a 7-year old to ride a bike if they’ve never had one before!)

But the biggest gift they’ve given us is LOVE.  Endless hugs, kisses, handwritten notes & tons of little pictures.  They love like there’s no tomorrow in the hope that some of the love will be returned.  And it has been a joy to love them, to have them live with us, to watch them learn & develop & grow.

It’s early days still but I’m loving grade 1!  I hope you are too!

This week, can we ask you to pray for:  (1) the new children being placed in the yellow home  (2) that *Ants will fall in love with learning & apply herself to her schoolwork  (3)  that God will continue blessing the construction of the next homes [orange & green]  (4)  that God will open doors & guide the fundraising team to raise enough funds to continue this project sustainably. 


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