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The Need

According to UNICEF, there are currently 3.9 million orphans in South Africa. Children are the most vulnerable members of society. Without the support of parents, this orphan generation is subject to extreme stigma, exploitation, neglect, disease and a host of other circumstances unseen by any previous generation.

Within eMalahleni , the need to protect and provide for orphaned children is beyond the capacity of any single government or agency. At the moment there isn’t a single children’s home in this city that is meeting this huge need.

If children are left on their own, without the structure of family, they will often resort to raising themselves. Whether on the streets or heading a household at 12 years old, they are twice as likely to discontinue their schooling and twice as likely to contract HIV/AIDS. The statistics show a hopeless view of the future, unless there is a major shift in the mindset of society.

The Call

In 2016, the New Life Children’s Home was established as a separate non-profit organisation.

Our aim is to provide quality care in a safe and loving home for vulnerable children, irrespective of race, gender or age. We want to give children the opportunity to have a new life – filled with hope, excitement, faith and love. We also want to protect and encourage all the children we help through focus on positive behaviour and Godly principles.

Children are the most vulnerable members of society – they have no defenses, no resources, and no voice. Without passionate people being willing to look out for them, their circumstances often have very little chance of ever changing. We can no longer turn a blind eye. This is the call that we believe we must answer.

The Answer

Through research and interaction with those who are trying to solve the orphan crisis in our city, we have come up with a children’s home model that we believe will make a permanent and positive change in the lives of all the children involved.

We want to create a beautiful home for up to 40 children – a place that children can be proud of calling home. We believe this can be done best by creating a state of the art ‘container home’ with well designed and welcoming spaces. This home will be sectioned according to ages into 4 divisions, with each division having a dedicated person functioning as the ‘parent’ of that section.

The children in the home will receive care and support in every area of their life. Their basic needs will obviously be met through clothing and food – but we believe that there is so much more to the well-being of a child. A great deal of emphasis will be put into getting great schooling, spiritual input, sports and arts development, counselling, and most of all love.

The Pledge

As with any big project, the New Life Children’s Home is going to require funding in order to launch and run. We are very privileged to already have received land on the New Life Church grounds where the Children’s Home can run from – cutting the expected monthly costs down dramatically.

We will need approximately R1,5 million to get the home to a place where it can open . Beyond that, the estimated monthly running cost for the home is sitting at R120 000 p/month once we have 40 children living in the home full-time.

We are looking for businesses and individuals to partner with us for this great cause. Corporate donations are not only tax deductible, but will also count towards the BEE spend. Together we really can make a lasting difference – bringing new life to those who need it most. Here are the ways that you can partner with us:
– Once-off financial donation
– Monthly financial donation
– Donation of a shipping container (in good condition)
– Donation of services (plumbing, electrical, carpentry, etc)

View our full prospectus here…

Prospectus 2017

“There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children.” 

— Nelson Mandela, Former President of South Africa