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As with any big project, the New Life Children’s Home is going to require funding in order to launch and run. We will need approximately R1.5 million to get the home to a place where it can open. Beyond that, the estimated monthly running cost for the home is sitting at R120 000 p/month once we have 40 children living in the home full-time.

We are looking for business and individuals to partner with us for this great cause. Corporate donations are not only tax deductible, but will also count towards BEE spend.

E Bucks

You can donate e-bucks to our FNB account. Acc nr: 802 486 87472. Click here for more info.


LOVE to ‘41765’ to donate R25.

Host a collection tin at your shop’s sales point

Contact us to place a branded donation can at the till point of your store.

Crowd Funding

We have 2 crowd funding websites where you can donate – “Back a Buddy” (South African) and “Generosity” (for International donors).
Donations through Back-a Buddy are also tax deductible! To give today go to: www.backabuddy.co.za/champion/project/build-the-home

QR Code

Simply scan the code to the left and choose the amount you would like to donate.

Banking Details

FNB, Account Number 6267 845 3409, Branch Code 255 355

Want more details about the needs of the New Life Children’s Home. Here is our Prospectus.

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If you would like to assist the New Life Childrens Home by setting up a monthly debit order or giving a once-off donation, please click her to fill in the form.

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