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About 3500 children are abandoned annually = 300 Per Month (this figure only includes survivors, the total number of abandonment is far higher). 

Only one third of abandoned children survive. Many abandoned babies are never found.

In line with the vision of our home, we’ve partnered with the SACCW to provide a safe place for desperate mothers to safely leave their babies if they are unable to care for them.

 Go to www.ourneighbourhood.co.za/babysaver to get more information on the SACCW’s project and vision. 




How it works:

(Infomation provided from the SACCW website)


The door is opened from the outside, a baby is placed on the pressure plate and the door is closed.




When the baby is placed on the pressure plate the micro switches is closed. An alarm system is connected to this circuit and sends a ‘panic’ signal to Exactus Risk Management security service. There is no alarm that sounds at the saver.



When the door is closed the magnenetic (normally open) switch is built into the magnetic lock, closes and completed the circuit that consists of the 12v power supply/battery, micro switches, magnetic lock switch and magnetic lock solenoid and red light locking the unit to the outside. When the baby is removed, the micro switches open and the magnetic lock disengages, the light extinguishes and the unit is again in the “ready” state.



The entire electrical system will have a battery backup and the alarm system must incorporate power failure reporting.


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