What is a Kanga Mommy?

A Kanga Mommy looks after a baby that has been given up for adoption from birth until the time that the adoption is finalised and the baby goes to his/her forever family.

How long does a kanga mommy care for the baby?

Typically a Kanga mommy cares for the baby for the first 2 – 4 months of their life.

What are the responsibilities of a Kanga mommy?

Caring for a newborn baby.  All big essentials like car seat, cot, clothes are provided where possible.  The kanga mommy provides nappies & milk, takes the baby to the clinic & LOVES the baby. 

What is the legal process?

The baby is placed in temporary foster care for this period, which enables one to claim the foster grant for the period the baby is with you.  The grant covers the cost of milk & nappies.     The arrangement needs to be formally documented by a social worker & approved by court.  Contact between the biological mother & kanga mommy is not encouraged.

This is NOT an adoption

It is also not the start of an adoption process.  It is temporary foster care & ultimately the baby will go to a pre-determined adoptive couple. 


Why do we need Kanga mommies?

When birth mommies give their babies up for adoption, they have a period of 60 days, during which they may claim their babies back.  Their extended families also have an extended 30 days during which they may come forward to claim the baby.


Should the baby stay with the adoptive family during that time, they will experience trauma & might decide against adoption completely.  There are dedicated baby homes but they are at full capacity – therefor the need for kanga mommies who can love a baby & then let them go to their forever families. 


How do I sign up?

Prospective parents are screened for foster care by social workers & listed.  When babies need to be placed a suitable family is chosen by the social workers.  The screening includes background checks, income confirmations (payslips), criminal record checks & a home visit.  References are obtained from friends, your medical doctor & pastor.


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